Bronze Medal Champion Stallions Italian National

Cattolica 2018


We congratulate our amazing mare


for her 2018 Show Season Result:


Gold Medal Champion

Marina di Pietra Santa 2018


Silver Medal Champion Italian National

Cattolica 2018

Class Winner with 92.70

in Lire 2018 European Championship

and Top-Five


The future champion is born!


RK Najd Shazin


the new generation of Shazin Stud.



Searching a Future, Searching Royalty

Rk Sadeem


Magid Moniscione X BV Especially Stivana)



2 years old filly proudly breed and owned by: Shazin Stud, Italy and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



A girl which will become famous every soon...



Phone:  +39 3512486583  
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Italy  

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